Frequently asked questions

Consent forms, payment methods, policies

Consent Forms - Each guest must fill in and return a consent form, or they will not be allowed to take part in the party they are invited to. We want to keep your children as safe as possible!
Deposit - £75 Deposit payment is due to initially secure a date, which is non refundable.
Final payment - Must be paid two weeks before the party date to secure the booking.
Payment methods - Direct bank transfer, Paypal or Cash.
Invitations and Thank you cards - Invitations are provided by V.I.P, and given to the party booker to be distributed to party guests, these contain consent forms which must be returned before party starts or completed online and sent to the email address. Thank you cards, along with a group photo, are provided by V.I.P and given to the party booker a few days after the party.
Health and safety policies and risk assessments - All policies are available to read at each party we host. Risk assessments of our premises are done on a regular basis. This ensures we keep all guests and staff as safe as possible at all times during the party.
Party nibbles - Each party will include a healthy and nutritious menu with a bit of naughtiness added. Menu includes shaped sandwiches, carrot/cucumber sticks, crisps, fruit kebabs and chocolate coated pop cakes.Cancellation policy - The Deposit of £75 is non refundable. The balance of the party is payable two weeks before the party date. A minimum of 48 hours cancellation is required in order to re arrange a date for the party to take place. If less than 48 hours notice is given then no refund is given. If party is re-booked and then cancelled again, no refund or change of date will be given.
No Shows including sick children - a minimum of 10 children is always expected as an intial cost, if less than 10 children come to the party no amounts will be deducted. 'No shows' on the day of the party will not be refunded unless 48 hours notice is given.
Total number of guests - Guest numbers need to be provided 2 weeks prior to the party at the time when booking is complete. Changes in numbers can be adapted up to 48hours  before the party. Please do this via email to ensure the changes have been confirmed. 
Theme ideas - What ever your child's favourite characters or theme is, it can be made into the Theme of their very own unique party. Whether it's butterflies or Hollywood, we can adapt any party to incorporate these features. Making each child's dream come true. This can be priced on application.
'Add ons' - We have a number of 'Add ons'  to customise your party. Please see our 'Add ons' page (under FAQs menu) for more details.Parking - Our premises has plenty of parking right outside the door or round the rear.
Adults at the party - The Guests will all be greeted by the Party Child and their responsible Parent/carer. From there, the only Adults at each party will be V.I.P staff and the Party Child's parent/carer (Maximum of 3 Parent/carers at any party). To ensure the guests have plenty of space to move around in and the Party to run smoothly.
Junior staff - Each staff member is trained accordingly and posessess the correct certification and skills to work in this area of expertise. They have knowledge of all policies in place and follow all procedures required to run a safe and exciting party. Each Junior member being accountable to Senior staff. They also bring extra fun and creativity to each party atmosphere.
Group photos - All Group photos are taken with consent from each guests parent/carer. Each party child will receive a group photo for each party guest within a week following their party, to add to their V.I.P Lanyard. Further pictures taken of the party can be purchased as an 'add on', provided digitally.
Rights to use photographs - V.I.P own the rights to any photos taken during their parties. We ask that cameras are not brought to any party incase consent has not be given by certain parents/carers. Photos can be bought from V.I.P. and come with written consent for the images on it to be used for personal use. Some photos taken will be used to promote V.I.P, through advertising, competitions or on the website.
Birthday cakes- You are welcome to bring your own cake and candles and we will sing happy birthday at the end of the party.
Where does the party take place? At our beautiful 'SPA'kle party rooms at Hall Farm Business Park, Rollesby.
What days and time are the parties held? Parties can be held any week day (term time) evening from 4.30pm. Weekend/school holidays 11:00 - 13:00, and 15:00 - 17:00. As long as there is availability it can be booked.
What if V.I.P need to cancel? A full refund will be issued or an alternative date can be requested. We will try to give 7 days notice in this very unlikely event.
Public liability insurance - All though the utmost care and continued risk assessment will be taken during every party, we cannot guarantee that accidents will not happen. This is why V.I.P holds Public liability insurance as a peace of mind for you and them.
Complaints - V.I.P respects your feedback, regardless of it being positivite or negative. We endour to contact all Party bookees to ensure each party was a success. If any changes need to be made or enquires undertaken then V.I.P will do so immediately. Keeping the Parent/carer updated and informed. Please email any complaints to
Data Protection- Your personal information will not be shared with any other parties without your consent.